Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016


I am Winnie Christiani but you can simply call me Winnie.
Well, it's not the first time i do blogging, i am currently a featured blogger on 

i am trying to make another blog, independently, not because of i dont like being a blogger for WhatWeLike, i love it, but i just think that when i have my own blog, i could add a little bit more about myself, so basically the content from what i write there and here are different (so don't worry and confuse to subscribe both here and there :p)

This blog will mostly be about beauty and fashion related, but i would add, also, my traveling diaries here.

Don't hesitate to be my friends, please stalk and follow me through my social medias :
Instagram : @winnchristiani
Facebook : Winnie Christiani
email :
Youtube : (soon)

I really hope this blog will add some knowledge and also entertain you at the same time.

Much love,

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